We Made it to Washington, DC!

Above: Reading names of TBLG related hate crime and suicide victims at the White House.


Surreal – that’s what it felt like to arrive at the White House, walking the last three miles of this more than 6,000-mile step-by-step journey with over thirty people from Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Members of my birth and acquired family were there. People I just met that day were there. All of us gathered together to demand the same thing – full equality for people based on their gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

We marched together. We shared our experiences together. We chanted together. At the end of the rally, we walked up to the lawn of the People’s House and screamed the names of so many queer and perceived queer folks we’ve lost due to hate. And at the climax of the whole experience we chanted for the world to hear, “Full Equality Now! Full Equality Now! Full Equality Now!”

If you go to the walk Facebook page you will see lots of photos, videos, and news coverage covering the last three miles.

I am launching two exciting new projects that build upon the momentum from the walk. I invite you to get involved with both of these as we continue raising OUR voices for full equality and beyond!

Full Equality Party – www.fullequalityparty.org
After almost two years of thinking about what our movement is lacking, I’ve decided it is time to build an organization that is fighting for one simple Federal Full Equality Bill that when passed, will enumerate protections for people based on their gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in all areas governed by civil law. The Full Equality Party (FEP) is that organization. What the FEP can do is help us take concrete steps towards the big dream that pulls together every disparate piece of LGBT related legislation and puts us – we the People – in the driver’s seat. I believe we are at a tipping point in the greater LGBT movement. So many victories have been won. More than half of the country is on our side. It’s time to shift the paradigm and demand full equality – nothing less!

In Our Words Project – www.inourwordsproject.org (website in progress)
I’ve met thousands of people these past couple of years. And so often, because of the energy shared through the spiritual experience of walking, spaces have been opened up for these folks to share with me incredible, dynamic, and deeply moving stories. Building on my existing Interview Theatre artistry, I am launching the In Our Words Project. I’ll be building a team of interviewers to gather stories from people who want to share their truths. The stories will be transcribed and archived on the project website for anyone to use as performance, advocacy, or personal uses – a kind of open source, public domain library of real stories by real people. I’ll also be encouraging folks to upload videos of themselves performing stories from the online story library.

And I will also seek out and work with groups that want to devise performances from their member’s stories – stories that related to their group and individual community needs.

So I ask you now – will you join me? To get these projects off the ground, donations are needed for things like food and basic needs, transportation costs to get to different communities to grow these projects, attorney fees to set up the two organizations, funds for a launch/informational video for the Full Equality Party, and so on.

Please DONATE HERE what you are able. And please ask others to do so as well. Right now, donations will be directed towards the In Our Words Project, since that is an arts-based project that allows me to continue using Fractured Atlas as my fiscal sponsor for this work. When both project websites are fully operational, there will be separate donation mechanisms for each project on their respective site.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me!

With Heartfelt Sincerity,

Alan L. Bounville

To donate, CLICK HERE.

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