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It’s hard to believe that on February 23rd I will be done with my 6,000-mile walk across the country for gender and sexual orientation equality! And even harder to believe is that it’s time to answer the next big life question – What do I do next?

I’m posting this message in hopes that you – yes YOU will take a few minutes to review my Curriculum Vitae and portfolio at In recent years, and definitely in this past year and a half that I’ve been walking, I’ve gone to great lengths to develop my skills as an educator, theatre artist, and progressive-movement organizer. After reviewing my website, if there are any organizations or people you feel I should connect with, please let me know. I’m open to anything from informational interviews to employment opportunities.

As for employment, I’m interested in contract positions as well as part time and full time work. I am primarily looking for connections and opportunities in the New York City area. But if I’ve learned anything from walking, it’s to cast a wide net. So if you think I should connect with someone halfway across the world, I’ll be sure to follow up.

To be more specific, ideal positions for me look like this:

Theatre Teaching Artist in a school or community setting (or both!)
Adjunct or full time professor at a college or university teaching theatre for social change or other theatre courses
Organizer/Strategist working in the queer rights or other progressive-bented movements
Theatre collaborator creating works that engage audiences at the intersection between theatre and activism

Or all of the above!

Thank you for reading this far. My hope is to continue living a life full of passion and vitality in a way that does good in our world. Any hand in this process that you want to have is greatly appreciated.

Love and Peace,

Alan Bounville
Educator. Theatre Artist. Organizer.

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  • Andrew

    If you are interested in connecting your experiences with what is going on in Latin America with LGBT rights (marriage or otherwise) that would be cool. I think that Mexico is an interesting situation now. The Supreme Court there just ruled UNANIMOUSLY in favor of same sex marriage for the state of Oaxaca (where I have been living for the past 15 months) Mexico City has had same-sex marriage for about 2 years and the Court had ruled a year ago that the other 31 states had to recognize the marriages, but the latest ruling will have monumental ripple effects throughout the Americas….and may be very influential in the ruling on DOMA this spring. You have done a lot of good work over the past couple of years. It would be nice if you could somehow use that to tie together what is happening in Latin America. 

  • Into The Light

    Thanks for sharing this info. If there are any people or organizations you would like to connect me with, feel free to send them my information.

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