HELP: I have $33.44 available to me until Monday and I don’t have a place to sleep tomorrow night as I make my way towards Atlanta. If anyone can sponsor me in a motel tomorrow night, please text me at 917-903-5870. Thank you!

PS I often wonder what it would be like to walk for a more universally supported cause, like to eradicate cancer, or to help wounded vets, or maybe to end asthma. What I have learned is that walking for gender and sexual orientation equality means I receive less support – because I’m walking for something for which people are still killed, bullied, and hated. Like the other day. My host, who was gay and still in the closet in certain circles, didn’t want me to tag him in any pictures. Or the countless messages I receive from people who thank me for what I’m doing, while at the same time share with me their justifications for staying in the closet or for remaining quiet about their support for queer folk. PEOPLE – It helps no one to stay hush hush! Especially the guy risking it everyday walking to end this hate! And many times on this journey I’ve connected TBLGQ and allied people together. Queer people who didn’t know they had allies before I walked into their town realize just how much support there is for them when I walk out of their town. So please – PLEASE help me. Immediately I need a place to stay tomorrow. But for the remaining 1/4 of this walk, I need donations, places to stay, food, supplies. Can you take a few minutes right now to make a donation and spread the word for others to do the same? Thank you very much.


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