The first of what I’m sure will be a number of videos documenting the final cross-continental steps of this journey. As I continue walking towards the final destination, I can now say it is possible for an openly gay man to walk every step across the North American continent with rainbow signs demanding full equality. This isn’t about me – it’s about the FACT that we CAN be open about our struggle in all settings. And tonight we saw, when a group of us gathers, the stronger our message becomes. When we walk together in this struggle we amplify our demand: Now is the time people in the United States of America should be treated as fully equal under the law and in society based on their perceived or actual gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation! FULL EQUALITY NOW!

Thank you to everyone who keeps believing in the mission of this walk. Thank you to everyone who keeps trusting me to bring this message everywhere I go. Thank you Universe for providing such beautiful landscapes for me to traverse as I walk these 6,000 miles.

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