6,000 mile walk for gender and sexual orientation equality
from Seattle to Washington DC

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From the highest point of the walk, Loveland Pass, 11,900′ above sea level

(August 15, 2012 Orlando, FL) On Saturday, August 18 at 6 PM all are welcome to walk into the Atlantic Ocean with cross-country equality walker Alan Bounville. This is a major milestone for this 6,000-mile walk from Seattle to Washington DC. On this day, 4,000 miles into the journey, the walk will have completed traversing the continent from the Pacific Ocean in the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Ocean in the Southeast. Bounville has walked every step across the continent as an out, gay man with rainbow-colored “FULL EQUALITY NOW!” signs attached to a walking cart. While walking, Bounville has shared with countless people the demand for full equality based on one’s perceived or actual gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

Those who want to walk the final mile to the ocean with Bounville will meet on Saturday at 6 PM at the Sunset Waterfront Grill & Bar, 500 West Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. There is plenty of street parking in the area.

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From Sunset Waterfront Grill & Bar the attendees and Bounville will walk approximately one mile to the Atlantic Ocean. On the beach, the group will release biodegradable paper lanterns over the ocean*. On the paper lanterns will be the names of victims of hate crimes based on their perceived or actual gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

The lanterns will be released as the sun is setting, which is close to 8 PM. After everyone is assembled at 6 PM, the walk to the ocean will commence. Once at the ocean the lanterns will be prepared while the group communes on the beach. After the lanterns are released, there will be a moment of silence and an opportunity for attendees to share their thoughts and feelings.

*The lanterns will be attached to strings so they will not be released into the wild, but rather brought back down after the moment of silence to be disposed of properly.


Into the Light – In May 2011 a walk began. Embarking on a journey from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, walking 6,000 miles to Washington DC, the walk embodies one simple goal – an end to gender and sexual orientation discrimination. To accomplish this, walker Alan Bounville is encouraging people he meets along the journey to fight for full federal and social equality – nothing less.

During the walk, there are numerous candlelight vigils held for people who have been murdered or have taken their own lives due to gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation discrimination. Walker Alan Bounville is also providing gender expression/identity, social movement, civil disobedience and theatre of the oppressed workshops as well as performing solo plays inspiring people to walk into their own light and true potential.

Into the Light walk asks for donations that cover basic expenses. In addition, 10% of every dollar raised goes directly to the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, an organization whose mission is aligned with the purpose of this walk.


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